The Arabian Horse Pages™ began as a collection of free, printable coloring books for children in the fall of 1995. As a volunteer art teacher in Washington State, Stacey enjoyed showing children how to draw, and teaching them about Arabian horses at the same time.

With twenty or more children in each classroom, she needed a way for each student to have their own pages to color. It was just the beginning of the world wide web. Windows 95 had started a revolution in personal computing, and finally, personal computers and scanners were affordable. Stacey's daughters quickly taught her how to use the web, and how to use the computer for the first time. It was just what she needed! The internet allowed Stacey to share her drawings with children in every classroom, and around the world - for free.

Soon, emails and phone calls were coming in from everywhere; "Would you draw another horse picture for the coloring books, for our club, of my horse, or for my mom, etc?" Horse clubs from Australia, school classrooms in India, children's hospitals in the Midwest, were printing her Arabian horse coloring books and asking for more. The coloring books continued to grow, and especially during winter and spring vacation, more pages would be posted for the young horse lover's who followed her pages.

In the spring of 1996,™ became the permanent home of The Arabian Horse Pages™, Stacey Mayer's Free Online Arabian Horse Coloring Books™, and Free Online Web Graphics™. Now, the friendly community Stacey's drawing had attracted, had a place to grow.The original Online Arabian Horse Discussion Forum, with the "Arabian Horse Cafe™", and "Arabian Horse Hot Topics™" began in June of 1996.

  • We were the first live, online auction for Arabian horses. (Java enabled, for the Northern CA. Arab Breeders Stallion Service.)

  • We were the first free online pedigree search for the Arabian horse, six searchable generations, siblings, and strains. (Sheykh Obeyd online database demonstration for WAHO.)

From Stacey, "Your family's involvement with the equine world is why we're here. We enjoy sharing your trail rides, and show ring successes, whether they are Western, Dressage, English, or Equitation. Your new foal 's birth is an exciting event for everyone. We know it's important to share the stories of outstanding artists, stallions, riders, and horse breeders, in a family friendly, supportive atmosphere. Arabian horses and families are a natural fit. Plus, riders competing for the first time as mature adults, are an exciting growth segment of today's horse industry. Your personal involvement is what shows off the unique, loving and loyal attributes of the Arabian breed."

Today, AWhiteHorse™ continues to be support and showcasing the hidden talents, and champions, of the Arabian breed.