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The Arabian Horse Pages have invited their friends; birds, prehistoric animals, different horse breeds, and more wild animals, from around the world. Our online coloring pages were created to be printed and shared from your home computer. We love using crayons and markers, and we bet you do, too. We've grown from our beginnings in 1996, and have added many new and different coloring pages to enjoy. Have fun, and return often!

Bedouin horse to color by Stacey MayerBedouins created the world's finest performance horse breed, known today as the Arabian horse. His legendary endurance heritage comes from all over the Middle East.

Bay Egyptian stallion RLA Frog Prince wants to be a cutting horse.RLA Royal Legend's stallion practices his cutting horse moves, in his home paddock in Bryan, Texas. Prince has several new foals on the ground that have inherited his performance attitude, and long legs. Come visit, Royal Legend Egyptian Arabians, in Texas.
RLA Frog Prince is a bay stallion, with bright bay body, dark legs, shiny black mane and tail, and no socks. His coloring page shows him as a clean, line drawing. You can color him any color you'd like! You can even make him a black, or a chestnut, if you'd like.

Gus is a tall bay Clydesdale gelding. A calm and friendly guy with a twinkle in his eye, he really enjoyed giving our four little girls a ride around the Monroe, WA horse fairgrounds arena. A true gentleman!

Shire Stallion portrayed in bright bay. The Shire horse actually comes in several colors. I've seen some Shires that were truly gorgeous horses! Especially the black Shires that are at the Puyallup Fair. Really outstanding individuals.


Morgan foals I created with a paintbrush, for a local horse show program many years ago. I have a special fondness for beautiful Morgan horses. An original American creation.


Colorful fishes and aquatic life from freshwater and salt water, aquarium and sport fishing favorites.

Fantasy creatures to print and color, from dragons to unicorns.

Unicorns to Color

Beautiful unicorns drawn by Stacey Mayer to print and color at home.

Dragon Coloring Pages Dragons may grow to be large, or stay very small, and hatch in every color combination. They are a favorite character in books written for children, or adults.

An original, printable collection of many types of horses; Arabians to Tennessee Walkers, racing horses, to draft horses.

Appaloosa Horses to Color

appaloosa heritage card1vAppaloosas are an enduring legacy from the American West. The Nez Perce Indian tribe developed the Appaloosa horse into a breed not only beautiful, but a well-tempered, set apart from other American breeds by their unusual spotted coats. They're equally successful today as show horses, race horses, and steady trail horses.

The Arabian Horse Pages presented by our SponsorsThe Arabian Horse Pages™ sponsors our free online coloring books of original art created by Stacey Mayer. You are welcome to print and color the pages on your home printer. Thank you to my friends, Donna Sylvestre, and Lisa Robertson, for sharing your Arabian horses with us.

Draft horses drawn by Stacey, to print and color at home. Cyldesdales and Shires will start off the collection.

The chosen mount of many colonialists was the Morgan horse, developed in New England by early patriots.

Many families introduce their children to horses, with a pony to ride. We had ponies for our girls to groom and ride when they were small, and we have many wonderful memories of them.

The more splashy version of the American Quarter Horse.

Sport Horses to Color

Tennessee Walkers are a tall, sturdy horse with a unique, fast walking gait, and slow, rocking chair canter, developed to enjoy long hours in the saddle.

Fossil remains of prehistoric animals are found all over the world. From mammoths to dinosaurs, these ancient creatures fascinate everyone! You can choose your own colors, and create your own textures, and surface patterns, too.