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meridian polish arab1Artist; Stacey Mayer

Stacey grew up riding her half-Arabian gelding, Seraphim, on the riding trails around Woodinville, WA. Her favorite horses were Arabians, Appaloosas, Morgans, sport horses, race horses, and gaited horses.

Equine artist Stacey Mayer grew up riding in the Seattle, WA area.Stacey's equine art is instantly recognized all over the world. Her landscapes, drawings, acrylic and digital paintings, are favorites on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. She posts new images to social networks, frequently.

LDS artist, Stacey Mayer of Seattle, WAYou Can Accomplish More Than You Know
I was working in our art booth at a big Morgan horse show at the Monroe, Washington Fairgrounds years ago. I had done 8-9 airbrush portraits that day already, and more orders were stacking up. My partner, Cheryl Wofford, was handling the orders, and I was smiling, and disappearing into each art project as completely as possible to get everything done.