I'm glad to be able to share the online images on this, and many other AWhiteHorse hosted sites, but they are not in the public domain, and I retain the copyright.

My coloring book drawings are provided only for your non-commercial, non-web, personal use; and they are not a part of our for sale webgraphics collection unless they are posted there. You may not alter my images, or offer any of my images, as a part of any other collection of print, web graphics, or clip art.

Federal Copyright. Let’s talk about it. You've changed it a bit, and now you think it's safe to use on your horse trailer? You're thinking of having it made into personal stationery, and cards advertising your farm? Think again. That's called theft. When it is derivative of my artwork; it's still my copyright.


It is a violation of Federal and International Copyright Law to use any of my drawings without first obtaining written permission from the artist. When using the graphics available on the web graphics pages, a link back to this site, and proper credit to the artist, is required. See below.



Web Graphics Copyright, ©2015 Stacey Mayer, AWhiteHorse.com™

Save the image to your own server, then cut and paste this HTML code:

<a href="http://www.awhitehorse.com/"><img src="/awhmapv.jpg" width="82" height="31" alt="AWhiteHorse.com" border="1"></a><br>

</font><font size="1"><a href="http://www.awhitehorse.com/">Webgraphics Copyright, © Stacey Mayer, AWhiteHorse.com&#153;</a></font>

There are several conditions on how these images may be used. If it is derived from my artwork, it's still mine. You may not put it on a mug, or make greeting cards, tee-shirts, or embroidered jackets, for instance.

Licensing arrangements will only be reviewed in writing. Contact me - before one of the thousands of admirers of my artwork catch you first.  Write to The Free Online Coloring Book artist, Stacey Mayer. I'll keep working on more projects for you. Thank you.