's Web AwardsWelcome to the AWhiteHorse™ Awards page. Here are some of the awards we've collected in our many years online. Thank-you to the English Department of The University of Washington, for inviting me to participate in the 2005 Career Discovery Week, on the Seattle U of W campus. Thank you to the many webmasters, editors, groups, and readers who have recognized AWhiteHorse™ as an outstanding community site for equine and pet artists and enthusiasts since 1996.

A few of the awards and listings earned by  AWhiteHorse™

Being first in AltaVista, now, that was an amazing day. Thanks, AltaVista.

Winner; AOL Editor's Choice Our stats consistently show AOL as our number one visiting ISP.

Open Source Directory Readers Choice. A terrific award.

Netscape awards us the Editor's Choice! Editor's Choice
AWhiteHorse™ Web Design Awards and Accomplishments Children's Tribute to Peace, honoring King Hussein of Jordan, wins the Gulf Palace Triple Star Award Winner!

1/05 Stacey Mayer becomes listed in "Famous"

Swedish based international site, names Stacey Mayer as an "Artist of the Day " in October, 2004. ranks™ in the "Top 18 ,000" web sites worldwide.™ names Stacey Mayer's Free Online Web Graphics as "Editor's Choice", in 2004.

Stacey's Free Coloring Books are listed in Judy Heim's "Best on the Web, Free Stuff for Crafty Kids"

Book Yahoo's Daily Net Events lists AWhiteHorse™ Daily Equine Chat in the Daily Events, horse chat section.

Featured in the award winning, the Super Site for Kids

Recipient of the 1000 Award from the Webmasters at 1000 Sites

Chosen as a Yahooligans! Select destination site for kids

Thanks to the NewSurfer organization for sharing the news of our community.

100 Sites AwardThe Free Online Coloring Book Wins! (M.E. search engine)

AWhiteHorse™ is committed to creating fast, kid-safe pages that are Netscape, AOL, and WebTV browser compatible.

Winner of NetGuide Gold Original Site Award, Hungary, 1996.