Equine artist Stacey Mayer grew up riding in the Seattle, WA area.Stacey's equine art is instantly recognized all over the world. Her landscapes, drawings, acrylic and digital paintings, are favorites on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. She posts new images to social networks, frequently.

While Stacey's daughters were young, she participated in the Fred Oldfield Western Art Shows with other Seattle area western artists. Beginning in 1996, she posted her drawings online, as Stacey's Free Online Horse Coloring Pages on her own domain, AWhiteHorse.com. Today, her coloring books are still enjoyed by children everywhere. 

Illustrator for several horse show organisations and charities such as; the Arabian Horse Registry of America, creator of many Arabian, and Morgan horse art, illustrations, and sculptures for The Pacific Morgan Horse Show, organizations and clubThe Egyptian Arabian Horse Event West, and many other works in private collections. Your inquiry invited. 

You are invited to follow Stacey on Instagram as "AWhiteHorse", Pinterest as AWhiteHorse.com Coloring Books, and on Facebook as, "Stacey Mayer Artist".
Webmaster, Stacey Mayer now lives in Everett, WA.