Fossil remains of prehistoric animals are found all over the world. From mammoths to dinosaurs, these ancient creatures fascinate everyone! You can choose your own colors, and create your own textures, and surface patterns, too. 

Tyrannasaurus to print and color, by Stacey MayerPrehistoric giants, the Tyrannasaurs must have stopped hearts among their prey. Tall, and capable of rapid chase, the tyrannasaurs are a magnificent sort of lizard we're all glad is extinct today. Thankfully, we're able to enjoy them in our favorite movies.

Woolly Mammoth coloring page by artist, Stacey Mayer, C. 2015The Puget Sound basin has a rich history of diverse prehistoric animals, preserved by a local fossil record. Before glaciers disappeared, and our deep gullies filled with sea water, (Puget Sound,) there were giant Wolly Mammoths, Short-faced Bears, and our own versions of today's speedy cat, the cheetah.