Original drawings of lions, elk, and bears, llamas, kangaroos, and parrots. They're all coming to join my online coloring book collection.

Australian Koala sitting in a tree, he's one of the sweetest, and most unusual animals in the wild animal kingdom.

We live in Snohomish County, WA, where it's common to see and hear Bald Eagles every day, especially when the salmon are running in the nearby rivers and streams.

Swans are so beautiful, they inspire admiration in all who see them. They also set a very high standard as devoted parents.


African Animals to Color

Waiting African LionOriginal drawings of African animals to print and color, from the mountains, to the wide savannahs, the African continent is the home of great cats, huge elephants, amazing wild birds, colorful tropical fish, and so much more. Print and color your favorites, and you may color them any color you'd like.

Coloring pages of the varied wildlife native to the North American continent.