Stacey's Favorites
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Golden Betta Fish

Golden Betta Fish to ColorWe had a fresh water aquarium with a gorgeous Betta fish when we were in junior high school. When our daughters were young we had fresh water aquariums for them to enjoy, too.

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Guppies to Color

Aquarium Guppy to Color
Colorful Guppies are the world's favorite freshwater aquarium fish.

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Giant Pacific Octopus

Pacific Giant Octopus

One of the Seattle Aquarium's favorite exhibits is the Giant Pacific Octopus. They're surprisingly fast movers in the water.

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SeaHorses to Color

Seahorses to ColorSeahorses come in many color varieties and species, and some are quite rare to ever see except in Hawaii.

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Fishes 2

Our favorite sports fishing species from local fresh and saltwater fisheries, plus popular tropical fish that everyone loves to color.

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