Stacey's prints, phone covers, and coffee mugs

Your online purchases from are so appreciated. Our family waited to receive any Washington State unemployment for over eight weeks after being placed on standby, March 16, 2020. It's been devastating financially and emotionally.

I'm normally employed full-time as an optician, and the local optical office was forced to close in March. I've kept busy and hopeful by drawing and painting new animals, fishes, and horse breeds for the coloring book every day.

We're looking forward to being able to take our five-year-old grandson, Benjamin, for his first fishing trip on Saturday. You should see him practice his fishing technique with Grandpa on the lawn. Enjoying a peanut butter and cookies picnic beside the lake sure sounds like heaven. I think that's just what the family needs - letting sunshine and the great outdoors sink into our bones.

Benjamin enjoys his watercolor paints while sitting beside me in the garage while the rainy weather has prevented us from being outside. There's sunny, outdoor weather coming. I'm doing my best to create a new artist in the family!

Your prayers make all the difference. Thank you.

UPDATE: See what we're up to in Texas! Grandpa and Benjamin now spend every day outside and look forward to catching fish in Central Texas. We found a good local channel to follow and give us ideas for fishing around Brazos County. See the YouTube channel, "Central Texas Hobbies".

More coloring pages of local fishes are sure to follow.