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A Mother's Key

My Mother's Words Remembered

Several years ago, I was working in our art booth at a Morgan horse show at the Monroe, Washington Fairgrounds. I had already completed 8-9 airbrush portraits on tee shirts that day, and new orders were stacking up.

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Because of Seraphim

A Job Kept Me Home

Nineteen seventy-five was my first year away from home, after transferring to Washington State University from the University of Washington's Seattle campus, where I'd been going to school close to home.

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Finding My Father; Stanley Friend

Hearing His Voice

I heard my real father’s voice for the first time during a dinner at the IAHA Annual Arabian Horse Art Auction held in February 1985, in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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Grizzly Bear

Grizzly Bear to Color

The Grizzly bear's territory covers all of the northern United States and most of Canada. We have seen black bears in the wild, but thankfully, never a grizzly bear!

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Koala to Color

Koala to Color

Koalas live in the wild Eucalyptus trees of Australia. With their appealing round faces, and fuzzy ears, they remind us of teddy bears.

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Roosevelt Elk

Roosevelt Elk to Color

Roosevelt Elk are the tallest elk in North America and will take your breath away when you spot them on the trail or along state highways.

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African Lion

Lions of Africa to Color

African lions are the acknowledged kings of the savannah. Large and very fast over short distances, they depend upon their strength and intelligence to catch the food they need to live another day.

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Cheetah Run

cheetah run2
Running cheetah chases down her prey with high speed and quick direction changes across the grasslands of Africa. Can you imagine throwing a ball for a cheetah to play with? Cheetahs are experts at chasing and catching their prey.

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Tabby Cat to Color

My Orange Tabby CatAn orange tabby cat to color, this is my own big orange kitty, "Skimbles", who loved our family for many long years. He was the color of a Reese's Pieces candy, but you may color him any way you'd like. He was a loyal and intelligent friend I think of often.

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Bald Eagle Portrait

Bald Eagle to Color

Bald Eagles may be spotted all along the inland waters of Puget Sound near Seattle, or against the foothills of the Cascade mountains. 

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Canada Goose

Canada Goose to Color

Canada geese are spotted all over the walking trails of Western Washington, especially on lawns near creeks and rivers, and along the shores of local lakes.

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