AWhiteHorse™ Family Christmas

White Horse Mountain, Darrington WA

Today's Family Christmas

Christmas. There is always a moment or two that will get to me. Yesterday, something stirred a memory, and I found myself starting to cry. 

It's been nearly 50 years since my family's accident, but there I was. I looked at my dear departed family in my mind's eye, gave them a loving smile, then let the memories rest.

Shannon is playing Christmas music
while Benjamin sings, "the 12 Days of Christmas". He loves to repeat the countdowns for each gift! Grandpa is discussing the proper decoration of the tree with Benjamin, while we're enjoying Shannon's beautiful Christmas cookies.
After Phil lost the rest of the toes of his left foot in July, he is slowly recovering from the septicemia caused by the toes that went bad. He's walking for short distances now. His balance has changed so walking is a challenge, and he's learned to be careful!

His Doctor sees him, and the tech changes the bandage every week. (Mostly to inspect the foot, as he's perfectly capable of doing it himself.) He's monitoring his blood sugar closely, and he's slowly improving.

Benjamin has grown another full inch! He shadows his Grandpa everywhere and is an enthusiastic "extra set of hands" wherever they go. His endless cheerful chatter fills our days. Whenever I begin to feel overwhelmed, Ben's hugs are there to comfort me.

Shannon and I look around the faces and count our blessings. We're married to men we adore, and our brave little man, Benjamin, lights up the room like a star. He shares his boundless joy with every doctor, every nurse, and all of us.

We'll talk to our Seattle-based family later today to make more wonderful memories to savor down the years. But this moment, while we're all here, is a memory we will revisit for the rest of our days.

Thank you, dear friends, for your support and encouragement this year. It's meant more to me than I can express.

So let the music bring on the memories and the tears! Christmas is here! It's time to teach Benjamin another Christmas carol to sing all over the house. It's a day to rejoice.
Merry Christmas!

I love you all.

Stacey Mayer and Family
Christmas, 2022 

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